The trial of Amber Guyger for her role in the death of Botham Jean has been delayed an additional six weeks and is now scheduled to begin on September 23rd.

Despite the delay, attorneys for the Jean family say they are not concerned.

Guyger, a former Dallas police officer is accused of fatally shooting St. Lucian national, 26 year old Botham Jean inside his apartment on September 6th, 2018.

Following the fatal shooting, Amber Guyger was arrested and charged three days later for manslaughter.

She was later indicted by a grand jury for murder.

The murder trial which was scheduled to begin on August 12th, thanks to Guyger’s defense attorney, has now been delayed another six weeks.

According to reports, one of Guyger’s attorneys is the lead counsel in a federal jury trial that is scheduled to begin July 29th.

The Jean family and their attorneys while a bit disappointed at the latest development, continue their quest for justice.

Botham Jean was shot in the chest by uniformed police officer Amber Guyger when she allegedly mistook his apartment for hers, and him a burglar.

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