The Head of the Roman Catholic Church here has blamed many of the issues affecting the country including its homicide statistics, to what he says is a “cheapening of human life.” He made the comments as scores of Roman Catholics took to the streets this past weekend for the Church’s annual Walk For Life event.

The “Walk For Life” Or Witness for Life Walk is organized by the Family & Life Secretariat of the Roman Catholic Church. Originally staged as an anti-abortion event it has broadened its objective to drawing public attention to uphold human dignity and oppose killing in any form. At a time when most churches have been accused of remaining silent on many social issues the march is seen as one way of making the point that the church is not entirely oblivious to what’s going on or that it has forgotten its mandate to stir the moral consciousness of the people.

At a time when mass shootings, and gun crimes appear to have become very common place, activities like Saturday’s walk are designed to purposely stir the sentiment of the people, in the hope of sparking important conversations about subjects like abortion, euthanasia the death penalty and others. It’s also a statement of faith for participating Catholics

Saturday’s walk started at the Derek Walcott Square, traveled along Brazil Street onto Chaussee road, Jeremie Street, and Darling Road, before moving to Jn Baptistse Street,  Peynier Street and heading back to the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception for a session of prayer and speeches.

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