The Executive Director of the Monsignor Patrick Anthony Folk Research Center has joined some world leaders in expressing the view that this week’s fire at the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris has some serious lessons for the entire world about the need to protect our cultural heritage.

Director at the Museums Department at the Russian Culture Ministry Vladislav Kononov was quoted as saying that the tragedy in Paris is a serious lesson for all of us about the need to protect cultural heritage sites, and take care of them at all levels. The Executive Director of the Monsignor Patrick Anthony Folk Research Center Hilary la Force agrees. While centuries of artwork and artefacts were lost in the Notre Dame fire, some were able to be salvaged. The FRC was not so fortunate and all of its records were destroyed before the FRC could make good on its plans to digitize those records

As in the case of the FRC a massive fundraising campaign has been initiated to rebuild the historic cathedral. More than €600m has now been pledged by billionaires, charities, companies and individuals determined to help rebuild and repair Notre Dame in Paris.

 Officials here are planning a series of fundraising activities, the first one taking place on June, 9th, 2019.

For years the FRC had been appealing for help to digitize its records but that help never came. Similar appeals had been made for help to restore the crumbling Notre Dame Cathedral.  On Tuesday a major Notre Dame fundraiser lamented that the surge in donations after Monday’s fire, didn’t come sooner.

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