Political analyst Peter Wickham says Prime Minister Allen Chastanet should not lose sleep over the latest scandal involving Public Service Minister Dr. Ubaldus Raymond.

In the latest scandal, it is alleged that Raymond, is the male voice having salacious conversations with a Trinidadian woman. The conversations have been widely circulated on social media

Since then, Dr. Raymond has proceeded on leave and Prime Minister Allen Chastanet says he will remain a minister of government pending the outcome of an investigation into the allegations. In 2017 Raymond was the subject of another scandal in which two teenagers were accused of blackmailing the Minister with nude photographs purportedly of him.

Political analyst and commentator Mr. Peter Wickham supports the decision by Prime Minister Allen Chastanet to keep Dr. Ubaldus Raymond in the Cabinet of Ministers pending the outcome of investigations.

According to Wickham, if any action is taken against Dr. Raymond by Prime Minister Chastanet, it pre-judges the outcome of the investigation and may set a dangerous precedent.

With nearly two years to go before the next general election in St. Lucia, Mr. Wickham believes the UWP stands a chance of returning to office and Raymond of having a career in politics.

The political consultant says the Prime Minister should not lose sleep over the scandal. The challenge now he says is ensuring that the United Workers Party is judged on its policies and performance as a government and not necessarily its handling of the scandals.

Dr. Raymond served as the Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Commerce in the Kenny Anthony Labour administration.

He then left for the Turks and Caicos Islands for a chief economist appointment, returned some years later and joined the United Workers Party in 2016 following their victory at the general elections that year.

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