National Archivist, Margot Thomas says, the fire which destroyed the Notre Dame Cathedral was not only devastating to France but the whole world and that many lessons can be learnt from the incident. She says disasters occur when we least expect and this latest incident underscores the importance of preparedness.

National Archivist, Margot Thomas says if the Notre Dame Cathedral fire did not get the attention of local and regional Governments, she does not know what will. More than one person has said this past week that the Paris fire should send a clear message about the need to not only be prepared for disasters but the need to do more to preserve our cultural heritage. Thomas not think St. Lucia is prepared for disasters of any sort.

Mrs. Thomas says we must bear in mind that our heritage is of utmost importance. Case in point she says, the very National Archives that she heads.

Our heritage is our legacy Mrs. Thomas says, and we need to digitize our heritage which will take a substantial amount of money, but in the long run, it will be worth every penny.

The Folk Research Center fire she says, is another example of what happens when urgent action is not taken.  

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