The Superintendent Minister of the Methodist  Church Seth Ampadu has responded to those who have criticized him for what they perceive  to be his deep involvement in politics. The religious Leader who has been very vocal on politics and morals in recent times says politics is dividing the nation and affecting its development. The Outspoken religious leader,  described  as ‘distasteful’ an incident in Parliament Wednesday night in which former Prime Minister, Doctor Kenny Anthony, did not accept a handshake from Prime Minister, Allen Chastanet. The Prime Minister shook hands with other opposition MPs prior to the incident.

Superintendent Minister in the Methodist Church Seth Ampadu acknowledges the right of his critics to express their views. The religious Leader who has been accused of being too involved in politics called for reconciliation among political rivals. He says while everyone is entitled to their political views there is no need for enmity. The religious leader took issue with an incident in Parliament on Wednesday night where former Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony refused to accept a handshake from  Prime Minister, Allen Chastanet  describing  the incident as distasteful

The religious leader added that his role is to promote peace among citizens. He says that the politicians are supposed to be role models but they are not living up to that responsibility

The Religious Leader reiterated that his aim is to put an end to the rancor and animosity that currently exist

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