The mother of a young accident victim is searching for answers a month after her daughter was reportedly abandoned at the scene of an accident. Miss Kerima Unwin says her 25 year old daughter was one of the occupants of a vehicle which ran off the road and into a river along the Allan Bousquet Highway. She claims that her daughter was left to fend for herself at the scene. She would eventually be found and taken to hospital in critical condition. Sharefil Gaillard picks up the story

It is being alleged that the male driver of the vehicle sought medical attention for himself but that he failed to indicate that there was another occupant in the vehicle.

Eventually, 25 year old Kimaya Louis was found by traffic police who summoned emergency personnel.

She was transported to the Victoria Hospital having sustained lacerations to her head and other parts of her body. In  addition she suffered severe memory loss.

The accident victim was only discharged from the Victoria Hospital last week after undergoing surgery.

The mother says the experience has been a difficult one for her daughter.

One month later she says she still does not know the identity of the driver and  the police are of no help to her or her daughter

The incident is believed to have occurred around 5am on Friday March 8th 2019.

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