Human rights advocate Felicia Browne is calling for a revision of existing penalties for gun related offences.

Miss Browne’s comments follow the armed robbery of the Sea Town Chinese Restaurant on Brazil Street Castries on Sunday.

The incident which was caught on camera shows two men, one armed with a knife and the other a hand gun robbing the establishment of an undisclosed sum of cash as well as drinks.

According to sources in the Criminal Investigations Department, the incident occurred about 7:45 pm on Sunday May5th.

In the nearly one minute video, a man is seen entering the restaurant with a toddler. He walks up to the counter and places his order with a female employee.

Sixteen seconds later, two men enter, the first wearing a white t-shirt and dark shorts, and brandishing a handgun. He stops in the middle of the restaurant and attempts to cover his face, while the other man dressed in a green hoodie closes the door behind him.

The gunman acknowledges an Asian seated in the restaurant while the other man, armed with a knife, goes behind the counter and demands the cash from the female employee.

Miss Felicia Browne says while the incident is unfortunate, it should serve as a wakeup call.

The male individual who entered with the toddler is seen crawling into the restaurant’s kitchen to safety, leaving the child with the two bandits.

While Miss Browne does not condone the act, she says it could have been an immediate reaction and not the fault of the guardian.

The incident she says can have a negative impact on not only the child but the other individuals as well.

No injuries were recorded during the incident and no arrests have been made.

The matter remains under investigation by police.

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