Former Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony has explained his reasons for not accepting a handshake from Prime Minister Allen Chastanet at the conclusion of this month’s budget debate.

The video of the incident was circulated on social media, and got mixed reactions.

Opposition members Alva Baptiste and Shawn Edwards while they accepted the gesture by Prime Minister Allen Chastanet, Former Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony refused and walked away.

While many criticized Dr. Anthony for refusing the handshake, others supported his response.

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet following the incident said that he was not surprised by the actions of Dr. Anthony but said he had no ill feelings toward his predecessor.

Dr. Anthony highlighted several instances when he felt Prime Minster Chastanet disrespected him and the people of Saint Lucia.

Superintendent Minister of the Methodist Church in Saint Lucia Seth Ampadu described the incident and the subsequent social media fallout as ‘very unfortunate.’

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