The Management and Board of the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College signed a partnership agreement with Niagara University.  The Partnership intends to offer expertise, resources and support to help enhance and transform the quality of the SALCC and assist in the professional development of teachers and educational leaders and to ensure they meet national Regional and International Standards.

Expertise will also help build partnerships with support providers of the College in a professional, practical and collegian environment.

Enhancing the professional knowledge and skills of faculty and staff through shared exchanges of expertise was also discussed.

The partnership will also help with the formulation of an action plan for the successful accreditation of the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College. It is expected to enhance the teaching and learning opportunities for students and faculty of both colleges and to support in the preparation of quality teacher candidates and educational leaders of both colleges.

The College of Education at Niagara University is dedicated to preparing the highest quality teachers, educational leaders, school and mental health counselors and school psychologists; professionals who will make a difference for children, youth and their families. The University has been accredited by the National Council for Accreditation for Teacher Education since 1984. They are also the only University in New York to be accredited both in the US and Canada. 

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