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Senior Communications Officer Nicole Mc Donadl is calling on those initially involved in the Jack Gryngerg deal to come forward with information  that will help the Government fight its case.. The Government of Saint Lucia has been embroiled in litigation with RSM Production Corporation and its Principal   Jack Grynberg over exploration rights to over 8 million acres of St. Lucia’s seabed. The issue dates back to a decision made by former Prime Minister Dr. Kenny D. Anthony to execute an agreement with RSM in 2000. The case has cost the government over five million dollars in legal fees so far.

Don Nicholas reports

In April 2012  the RSM Production Corporation  owned by Jack Grynberg instituted arbitration proceedings against the Government of Saint Lucia in respect of the exploration license which was granted to his company in 2000 for exploration rights to over 8 million acres of St. Lucia’s seabed. . Since that date the matter has been before the International Center for Settlement of Investment Disputes.

RSM failed to comply with an order of the Tribunal to place in a special account US$750,000.00 as security for costs. As a consequence of this the Tribunal dismissed RSM’s case against the government—with prejudice. RSM appealed the decision before the Tribunal’s ad hoc committee. In April 2019 the  committee ruled that the  RSM  bear its own legal costs and expenses and one third of the legal costs and expenses of St. Lucia. This clears the way for the case to proceed.

Senior Communication Officer in the  Prime Minister’s Office Nicole Mc Donald is calling on those who were involved in the Grynberg deal to come forward with any information that will help the Government fight its case

Nicole Mc Donald (Senior Communications Officer – OPM) 00:02:27 the people – 00:03:01 forward

Approximately  (EC$5.4 Million) has already been spent by the Government in fighting against the USD$500,000,000.00 Claim  by Jack Grynberg’s company. Veteran Journalist and Talk Show Host Rick Wayne who has written several articles on the case, called on the Chastanet administration to find the legal means to obtain critical information from those who entered the agreement

Rick Wayne (Talk Show Host) 00:03:25 I am holding – 00:03:00:03:37 responsible

The Chastanet  Administration in a statement released on Wednesday has sought to assure citizens of its  commitment  to regaining control of the  seabed

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