Grieving family members are still trying to come to terms with the death of Jayvan Louis 21, and Dexter Smith 20, both of Grand Riviere Dennery. The two men died after the motor cycle on which they were travelling collided with a car. The collision occurred on Saturday Night  at Richfond Dennery.

The collision occurred in front    of a  petrol station at  Richfond Dennery around 9 PM when the motor cycle on  which 21 year old Jayvan louis and 20 year old Dexter Smith of Grand Riviere were travelling  collided  with a car. The  crash which claimed  the two men’s lives has left family members in disbelief. Dexter’s grandmother had many good  things to say about him including his respect for family members and older persons and his affectionate way of  dealing with relatives especially her. She  also described him as a soft hearted individual  who did not hold grudges. He was her first grandson

Dexter’s cousin echoed similar sentiments

The driver of the car who  sustained some injuries was transported to Hospital

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