A local electrical contractor is urging home and business owners to carry out periodic electrical inspections and maintenance on their properties in order to prevent fires and other hazards.

General Manager of J.H. Larcher’s Electrics Limited Mr. Kareem Larcher, made the plea during a recent seminar for electricians hosted by the company

According to the electrical contractor, it is important to carry out electrical maintenance on a regular basis.

Maintaining all the electrical fittings, appliances and devices in and around your home can enhance the smooth running of all the electricity powered items while creating a safe environment that will be free of hazards.

Safety, Mr Kareem Larcher says should always be a priority.

The fire and emergency personnel have had to respond to a number of domestic and commercial fires, a few of which started as a result of faulty wiring or electrical appliances.

Periodic inspections should take place every two years for commercial properties and every five years for domestic properties.

This is not just a problem in St. Lucia, but in the U.K as well.

According to Mr. Jenkins, regular electrical maintenance will prevent mishaps.

Mishaps come with the expense of replacing or repairing, affected electrical appliances-usually due to small problems that would have otherwise been detected and dealt with early.

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