As the world seeks to tackle global warming and the effects of climate change, research and development in green energy has seen exponential increase, as consumers are also becoming more mindful of the effects of fossils fuels,  and look towards clean alternative energy sources.

 In the Caribbean, Solar energy and Solar PV technology is quickly being recognised as the most affordable and appropriate source of alternate energy for the region.

With this in mind, S-ion Energy Solutions has been launched, with the goal of making solar technology simple and affordable for everyone. 

In outlining the services offered by the company Leslie Jack, Commercial Manager of   S-Ion Energy,  said  the company is dedicated  to providing custom solutions to fit customers’ unique energy needs.

Arthur Neptune of Michel’s Electrical, outlined the roles of the various partners in the collaboration.

S-ion Energy has established partnerships with top tier solar equipment suppliers, vendors and financial leaders to deliver innovative solutions at competitive cost, at the highest quality.  Leslie Charlery, speaking on behalf of Comsol Energy, said the partnership has placed S-ion to provide a unique service to customers.

Through our focus on customer service, dedication to meaningful relationships and passion for emerging technologies, Si-ion energy is poised to be an industry leader that can adapt and grow along with every evolving solar landscape.

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