Monchy minibus operators have threatened strike action if the roads in the community are not repaired.  The drivers say despite countless please to successive Parliamentary Representatives the repairs have not been undertaken. They say the time for talking is up-it’s time for action.


Monchy minibus operators say they are tired of the meetings and empty promises they produce. They want the roads repaired as a matter of urgency or they will stage protest action

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Minibus Association 

The minibus operators say this the last chance for the authorities to act on their pleas for help

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The operators though not engineers, believe that resurfacing the roads will be the best way to tackle the problem. They believe it will save the government money in the long term-as opposed to patching potholes which will inevitably reemerge, forcing drivers back to square one.

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The Monchy minibus operators say they are prepared to take whatever action is necessary to get their grievances addressed.         

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