The Royal St. Police Force has promised to intensify its crime fighting efforts with a special focus on traditional hot spots. That’s the word coming from Acting Police Commissioner Milton Desir who also indicated that the law enforcement agency is hoping to work  more closely with the general public and the private sector to achieve its goals. Don Nicholas has that story

With limited man power it is imperative that the Royal  St. Lucia Police Force use its resources wisely. To this end Acting Police commissioner Milton Desir says the Force will be intensifying its efforts in areas prone to crime. Recently several Police Officers were stationed at crime hot spots in the City in order to deter the criminal elements.

The Acting  Police Commissioner emphasized the importance of working with the private sector  in the fight against crime. Several businesses have been affected by burglary and sales personnel travelling on company  vehicles  have also been robbed prompting the St. Lucia Chamber of Commerce Industry and Agriculture to work more closely with  law enforcement to identify solutions. Of late several business owners  In the Marchand community  have expressed concern for their safety and that of their patrons because of gun battles between rival gangs in the area.

The Royal St. Lucia Police Force is also strengthening its relationship  with the St. Lucia  Hotel and Tourism  Association to cut down on crime against visitors. The Association  faces the challenge  of finding the balance between protecting the guests while providing the ambience conducive to relaxation

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