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20-10 1:39:38 Guest_4502 I'm not seeing the live stream.
16-10 23:04:00 Guest_4753 my stream not working . anybody's own on?
16-10 23:02:28 Guest_2872 95.5
16-10 23:00:59 Guest_9453 what radio station is dbs on ??/
13-10 23:06:41 Guest_8790 this nonsense isnt working
13-10 2:38:11 Question Mark This show is much more interesting and informative than "the Allen Chastanet Show" on MBC. Those guys over there are obsessed with the PM lol. Be like Nike PM... Just Do It! Don't listen to the bitter losers still sour from losing the elections. Keep up the good work Rick!
13-10 2:35:54 Guest_3844 blackmailers!!
13-10 2:35:37 Guest_3844 Dey trying to put bridle on doc.
13-10 2:28:24 Guest_7303 we need the skype up and running
13-10 2:25:27 Guest_7303 Junior can you past this message to Rick please - All the project the Chineses were involved in was done badly, the studium both north and south, new Hospital wrong materials and Party and politics
13-10 2:24:17 Guest_7303 All the project the Chineses were involved in was done badly, the studium both north and south, new Hospital wrong materials and Party and politics
13-10 2:10:20 Guest_3844 dr. King made sure the morgue was up to date.
13-10 2:05:32 Guest_3844 i agree, we need extra time
13-10 2:03:05 Guest_3844 Expert ti papier!
13-10 1:55:40 Guest_3844 Why is the morgue the most impeccable part of the new St. Jude?
13-10 1:25:35 Guest_1302 Build and demolish... Souns Lucian all right!
12-10 1:40:17 Guest_7075 Hi
11-10 22:54:32 Guest_4642 Why isnt live streaming working
9-10 9:55:16 Guest_8041 (?)
9-10 9:55:11 Guest_8041 :O
9-10 9:54:45 Guest_8041 y its saying media not supported????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
6-10 1:31:49 Guest_7176 Is this actually working?
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29-9 2:29:44 Guest_8880 Question - Is St. Jude within the proposed DSH area? If so is this story perhaps to do with it being on prime land? who wants a hospital in the middle of this developmennt? Total speculation - just occurred to me.
29-9 2:05:10 Guest_5117 Convert it to another prison and put Kenny and company in it
29-9 1:52:11 Guest_5987 Rick you have the credibility of a dinosaur. Your Star is barely twinkling, pun intended
28-9 0:42:21 Guest_5537 Timothy now your shows are so boring. During the Labour days you wanted THE AUTHORITIES to address everything under the sun but now you are singing a different tune. Pathetic much? :D
26-9 23:40:57 Guest_3958 :(
26-9 23:40:39 Guest_3958 Spit in the lady face
26-9 23:40:25 Guest_3958 Just so they spite
26-9 23:04:39 Guest_3922 hi
26-9 22:58:28 Guest_5873 U hmm why it's not playing
25-9 16:33:45 Guest_1063 RN Programs near me
22-9 1:42:27 Guest_6045 it says that the media format is not supported
22-9 1:41:34 Guest_6045 please help
22-9 1:41:19 Guest_6045 how do i watch the livestream?
22-9 1:09:55 Guest_3467 Very Well said........
22-9 0:59:32 Guest_8414 How many viewers do you have Rick? :P O.O
21-9 0:50:46 Guest_4627 Why does Spider speak with clinched teeth??
21-9 0:48:47 Guest_4627 ??
21-9 0:48:19 Guest_4627 :D
21-9 0:47:31 Guest_4627 :S
19-9 23:56:30 Max Goodnight. Late
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