15-8 22:45:09 Guest_8385 HI
30-7 9:00:12 Guest_3267
24-7 23:04:01 Guest_2691 Just static
23-7 17:07:01 Guest_8775 HI
18-7 22:21:06 Guest_9998 wat wrong wid this
18-7 16:19:38 Guest_2198 is there no live stream of carnival
17-7 19:56:50 Guest_3053 I want this format supported
17-7 19:55:22 Guest_3053 I am not getting Livestream
15-7 22:56:13 Guest_2142 I am not getting Livestream
15-7 17:38:18 Guest_4366 Is this where u can view live funeral services?
14-7 1:45:53 Guest_5209 Richard is really childlike if he thinks you are attacking him
14-7 1:43:48 Guest_4755 streaming is fine in castries
14-7 1:43:11 Guest_4755 it`s FLOW fault guys not DBS
14-7 1:18:43 Jason x Oh shate Rick u kill the haters there with that video
14-7 1:12:32 Jason x Mat
14-7 1:12:19 Jason x Rick what burns me something happen in st.Lucia we as Lucians will call all talk shows ,make all walks n then nothing dust under the mart I born in 1984 n for yrs same thing
14-7 1:07:59 Jason x Rick the politicians hating because u tells it how it is and Lucian's now there like they under a spell
14-7 1:05:53 Jason x Lord rick is the only talk show host that I can Say tells the truth in what's going on in my lil island... :P
14-7 0:36:13 Guest_5189 Junior, NO stream!!!
9-7 18:13:49 Guest_3228 good day any live stream of the kiddies carnival
5-7 23:04:52 Guest_9065 :_(
23-6 1:54:15 Concern Man Good evening Talk do you think that this is a deliberate act to consider an early election?
23-6 1:40:15 Concern Man No live stream?
9-6 2:21:52 foxxy Rick's reference to our rather colorful political history and how it has influence present day events brings to mind this quote " if history repeats itself and the unexpected always happens; how incapable must man be of learning from experience" - George Bernard Shaw
5-5 1:20:50 Rick-Tick I've heard Trust members say the extinction of the wildlife on Maria Islets will be disastrous. What was the disastrous effect of the extinction of the dinosaurs millions of years ago? Or does the Trust, like RIVAS, believe in creation rather than evolution?
5-5 0:40:18 Gemini_Man Junior what happen to the stream?