23-6 1:54:15 Concern Man Good evening Talk do you think that this is a deliberate act to consider an early election?
23-6 1:40:15 Concern Man No live stream?
9-6 2:21:52 foxxy Rick's reference to our rather colorful political history and how it has influence present day events brings to mind this quote " if history repeats itself and the unexpected always happens; how incapable must man be of learning from experience" - George Bernard Shaw
5-5 1:20:50 Rick-Tick I've heard Trust members say the extinction of the wildlife on Maria Islets will be disastrous. What was the disastrous effect of the extinction of the dinosaurs millions of years ago? Or does the Trust, like RIVAS, believe in creation rather than evolution?
5-5 0:40:18 Gemini_Man Junior what happen to the stream?