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14:51-- Guest_4617: :) :):):):)
14:52-- Guest_4617: Stop Suffering I wanted to watch
23:15-- Guest_8610: hello??
22:20-- Guest_7298: Does the live streaming feature work?
23:10-- Guest_9693: What is happening with the dreaming
23:11-- Guest_9693: Where is the news
23:27-- Guest_2769: hello what's going on DBS :O :-*
23:28-- Guest_2769: dbs!!!!!!!!!!!!
23:29-- Guest_5565: Wtf man
23:29-- Guest_2769: that's bad to see how dbs doing their customers
0:38-- Guest_7757: Stream not working such a same on dbs
0:38-- Guest_7757: Y'all need to freaking upgrade for real cause not everybody that have cable tv at their home
0:42-- Guest_7573: rick on
0:48-- Guest_4753: You need to fix your live streaming I can't get it on my android tv box again
22:57-- Guest_1528: i can't get it anywhere I try. Fix your live streaming you have a lot of customers depending on that. I thought your'll were number one news channel. not any more....O.O
1:09-- Guest_3653: when does it start
23:24-- Guest_3488: Why is the live stream still not working
23:21-- Guest_6829: My Livestream is not working - can you take care of fixing it from your end - thank you
23:21-- Guest_6829: My
13:56-- Guest_4130: why is the not playing