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18:13-- Guest_3228: good day any live stream of the kiddies carnival
0:36-- Guest_5189: Junior, NO stream!!!
1:05-- Jason x: Lord rick is the only talk show host that I can Say tells the truth in what's going on in my lil island... :P
1:07-- Jason x: Rick the politicians hating because u tells it how it is and Lucian's now there like they under a spell
1:12-- Jason x: Rick what burns me something happen in st.Lucia we as Lucians will call all talk shows ,make all walks n then nothing dust under the mart I born in 1984 n for yrs same thing
1:12-- Jason x: Mat
1:18-- Jason x: Oh shate Rick u kill the haters there with that video
1:43-- Guest_4755: it`s FLOW fault guys not DBS
1:43-- Guest_4755: streaming is fine in castries
1:45-- Guest_5209: Richard is really childlike if he thinks you are attacking him
17:38-- Guest_4366: Is this where u can view live funeral services?
22:56-- Guest_2142: I am not getting Livestream
19:55-- Guest_3053: I am not getting Livestream
19:56-- Guest_3053: I want this format supported
16:19-- Guest_2198: is there no live stream of carnival
22:21-- Guest_9998: wat wrong wid this
17:07-- Guest_8775: HI
23:04-- Guest_2691: Just static
9:00-- Guest_3267:
22:45-- Guest_8385: HI