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1:09-- Guest_4710: the slp and its supporters are a blight on this country the only legacy they have are a prison whose inmates are 98% slp supporters
1:23-- Guest_8518: Tortola has a health care that is working for the that island, called the NHI the coverage is one million per person . How that is done the employer pays and the employee pays and the government pays a higher percentage and the employee pays a lower percentage. Tortola is 21 square miles and the population is 29,000 people tim do a read up on the british island and see the difference. Maybe the government should take a look at that because it is different to Social security. NHI and social security are two different entities.
0:43-- jr: night
1:16-- Guest_2446: Goodnight why don't we get the donor countries to retrieve their monies given to the previous maladministration by way of a criminal investigation and forensic investigation to complete or start a new hospital
2:01-- Guest_7592: Rick VH has no proper accounting System and accountability, I just had a situation with them could find a payment made. please investigate payments made to VH whether the country is benefiting from payments to VH and we need to know that there is honesty, countability and transparency
2:05-- Guest_8309: Rick, please read your emails.
2:08-- Guest_7592: Junior please pass on the chat messages and email
2:10-- Guest_7592: please pass it on to Rick Junior, please
2:10-- jr: ok
2:25-- Guest_8309: thanks Junior.
22:51-- Guest_9975: not getting any stream
0:40-- Jr: if it's wednesday its' news maker live
3:13-- Guest_2200: People St. Lucia Government has absolutely NO intention for fix our health care facilities. And we continue to vote for these vagabonds. When any ministers whether being opposition or in governance they fly to the US with tax payer dollars to be fixed. That in itself speak volume of the atrocities politicians are good at. When will be stop the blabbing and start to hold the politicians and legislator responsible? Until such time it is like writing on ice.
0:34-- DBS jr: Night Talk City
0:56-- Guest_8544: Talk City
1:03-- Guest_9567: Helen was duped into "independence poor helen
1:42-- Guest_9358: cut that jackass off
1:47-- DBS Jr: I want to
2:19-- The Pling: we need somebody that not going and borrow make sure of that and they makeing false stuff at the end
2:23-- The Pling: thats a lie