Hurricane Oscar

Hurricane Oscar is accelerating over the Central Atlantic and is expected to become a powerful extratropical cyclone by this evening, says the National Hurricane Centre Oscar Expected to Become a Powerful Extratropical Cyclone By Tonight.”
The service added that high surf was expected along Bermuda beaches throughout today.
As of 11am (7am EDT), Oscar is travelling as a category 1 hurricane moving northeast at 22mph with maximum sustained winds of 75mph.
The Met Office warned that despite narrowly avoiding a direct hit on the nation (UK), the remnants of Hurricane Oscar will still cause strong winds for northeastern parts of the country
At some point on Thursday and Friday the hurricane will transition into what we call an extratropical depression.
“In other words, a typical area of low pressure with weather fronts, wind and rain and so on.”
“Then it is likely to head to the north-west of the UK during the weekend.

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