Water Situation

Persistent and menacing showers over the weekend have left some people counting their losses and the authorities reiterating that people should not be complacent. The Met Office reports that 34.2mm of rain was recorded at the HIA and 32.8 at the George FL Charles Airport over a twenty-four hour period up to 2p.m. on Saturday. The island also experienced heavy rains on Sunday.
As the official closure of the 2018Atlantic Hurricane season draws near,the National Emergency Management Organization (N.E.M.O) has warned that St. Lucians should not become complacent as the island is still susceptible to disaster as was evident in 2013 with the passage of the Christmas Eve Trough.

NEMO officials notes that minimal damage and reports were recorded locally as the island experienced torrential rains from Friday as a result of a trough system in the region. An advisory was issued to residents in flood and land slide prone areas to take extreme precautionary measures as a prolonged period of rain was expected.

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