It’s not every day that Lucians are presented with the ability to see something new… Well, that is about to change, because on December 7th 2018 you will have the opportunity to experience (for one night only) the magic of JIBRIZY!!!

You’ve seen him on BET’s 50 Central,  MTV’s Awesomeness, Kevin Hart’s LOL Network, & CW’s Masters of Illusions. He’s even fooled the Infamous Penn & Teller on their show Fool Us! Now he’s decided to share it up close and personal with his “Black Magic Tour”! This is the perfect family holiday outing! Spectators will be drawn in by Jibrizy’s mystifying illusions.

The Hip Hop Illusionist, a nickname coined by Hip Hop superstar “50 cent”, aims to shift the concept of “Black” as a negative term into something magical, LITERALLY! Giving back is all a part of the Black Magic Movement so he’s partnered with CIRCLE foundation in Chicago to help inspire youth with Educational Leadership Development.


A young award-winning magician from Chicago Illinois, Jibrizy was raised in a tough neighborhood, but knew he wanted to find a way out, and MAGIC was that escape. He began by doing tricks just for his own entertainment, but soon realized he could captivate audiences with his newfound skills… He is also currently the official Magician of the Chicago Bulls basketball team!


This young magician has a MASSIVE social media following, with some of his YouTube and Facebook videos having been viewed over 40 Million times!!

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