As part of a Coral Restoration project, the Coral Nursery Dive initiative phase 2 was launched on Wednesday at the Sandals Dive Center. It’s collaboration among the Sandals Foundation, Clear Caribbean, the Department of Fisheries, CARPHA and the GIZ. 

Marine conservation is important to the Sandals Foundation as well as to other partners in this project. The Environmental Officer for the Sandals Foundation says, says this particular coral restoration project is all about building the reefs and creating a healthy reef nursery that fish can thrive on. This can support not only the tourism industry but the fisheries industry as well.

The Department of Fisheries is very keen on being a partner in this particular initiative.

Lyndon Robertson -the Head of the Environmental Health and Sustainable Development Department for CARPHA, which has partnered with the German International Agency to sponsor the project, explained its importance to the organisations.

Although challenges are expected along the journey, Mr. Robertson says collaborators are happy to have the Government and the private sector on board assisting with the initiative.

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