Meanwhile the Stan Pistol murder has prompted one Water Works resident to challenge policy makers to come up with some “tough on crime” policies, to help citizens feel safer while serving as a deterrent to criminal elements.

According to Mr Timothy James the crime situation demands urgent action by the government.

51 year old Stan Pistol was robbed and gunned down Wednesday evening while at one of his businesses.

On January 14th, 20 year old Hendi Calderon was shot and killed in Lacoudou a few yards away from where Pistol was shot.

These incidents have prompted James to call for the required legislation to be enacted to curb the crime situation before it gets worse.

Mr James says there needs to be a more holistic approach to fighting crime, one that involves all parties including community members.

Around 8 pm Wednesday, masked men stormed the community supermarket, killing the proprietor before escaping with the cash register filled with the days earnings.

No arrests have been made.

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