The passing of Clement Springer, former musician with the local group “ The Tru Tones” and member of the Royal St. Lucia Police Band has hit the Local music fraternity hard. Clement Springer died in Long Island USA following a recent surgery. He will be particularly missed by the St. Lucian Cultural Community in New York . Springer was a pioneer in the successful effort to keep St. Lucian culture alive within the diaspora. He was also responsible for writing words and music to original songs for the St. Lucia Cultural Organization in Brooklyn.

The Passing of Clement Springer will leave a distinctive mark on St. Lucian culture both here and abroad as he was known to have wrote a handful of plays, based on St. Lucian Culture, which were performed to the delight and appreciation of many St. Lucians and non- St. Lucians alike. Lifelong friend and colleague Ronald Boo Hinkson, of the Group “ The Tru Tones “ remembers Springer fondly.

His Memoir, “The Conway: St. Lucia” was published in 2013. There he wrote of life in the fishing and boat –building community of the Conway in the 40’s and 50’s and of many of the persons he grew up with. The Conway and Hollywood were older residential communities now occupied by the Government Buildings and apartments at the bottom of the Darling Road.

Clement Springer was part of the cultural renaissance in St. Lucia from the late sixties alongside Roderick Walcott, Charles Cadet, Joyce Auguste and others of that era. In 2010, he received the National Award of a St. Lucia Medal of Merit, Gold for his contribution to the arts and culture. Clement Springer was born in 1932.

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