A former president of the St. Lucia Institute of Architects says local architects are very well qualified to take part in a global competition to design a new spire for Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris, after the old one collapsed during Monday’s fire.

The spire collapsed in front of crowds who had gathered to watch in horror as the historic French gothic cathedral went up in flames on Monday April 15th.

On Wednesday, architects from around the world were called upon to take part in a competition to design a new spire for Notre-Dame Cathedral.

The competition has since stimulated debate over whether designers should copy the old or embrace an entirely new design.

The Former President of the St. Lucia Institute of Architects who is also the Chief Architect for the Government of St. Lucia says local architects are more than capable of entering the competition.

The mammoth blaze which tore through the Notre Dame Cathedral gutted the 850 year old landmark.

The church’s wood lattice roof and iconic spire collapsed, but many of its most valuable religious relics and cultural treasures were spared.

According to Mr Poyotte, if a St. Lucian architect is successful in the competition, it would be a great feat not only for the individual but the country.

Following the devastating fire, a number of individuals, companies and institutions have donated or pledged  millions of euros to rebuild the damaged cathedral which has stood for more than eight centuries. 

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