Prime Minister Allen Chastanet says he was not surprised that former Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony did not accept a handshake from him Wednesday evening following the conclusion of the budget debate.

The video clipping which has since gone viral shows Prime Minster Chastanet shaking hands with opposition members Alva Baptiste and Shawn Edwards, when he extended his hand to Dr. Anthony, the former prime minister appeared to ignore the gesture and walked away.

Thursday morning, Prime Minister Allen Chastanet described himself as being old school when it comes to showing respect to opponents or adversaries.

In the sporting world, after a battle between teams, players shake hands observing that the game is nothing personal; According to Chastanet the same should apply in the political arena.

Offering handshakes to the opposition members the prime minister says, was his way of underscoring the point that the debate between the two parties is nothing personal.

According to the Prime Minister, the most important thing is running the country and making the best decisions.

Dr. Anthony in the run up to the last election had made it clear that the battle was not between the two major parties but that it was a battle against the Chastanets.

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