Preparations for this year’s Calypso season have moved into high gear. The Cultural Development Foundation is already at work with various tents refining plans for the staging of their various shows. The South Calypso Tent will kick things off with a May 31st, show at the National Cultural Center
The other two Tents are the Take Over Tent –(TOT) which has now combined forces with the Soca Village tent, and the Fire One Calypso Tent. The TOT Calypsonians will take to the stage on Wednesday June 5th and the Fire One Tent performers, on June 8th .
Ms. Burton says the general feeling among calypsonians and calypso fans is that the collaborations by the tents have contributed tremendously to improving the quality and standard of the songs and the shows.
Ms. Burton says the quality of the Calypsoes has definitely increased. Building on that achievement is a major focus of organizers

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