The mother of a bullied student is appealing for an end to the practice. Video of Candida Thomas’s daughter being attacked by a group of fellow students has been widely circulated online and has also led her to plead with the persons circulating such videos to stop, as they only serve to exacerbate the situation. Apart from being worried about the psychological impact on her daughter, Thomas is also fearful of the long term physical effects.

The matter necessitated the involvement of the police who are waiting on the medical report before proceeding with the case. However Thomas is uncertain whether she wants to pursue the matter through the courts. She is however seeking counseling for her daughter who is having a hard time dealing with the fallout from the bullying and the circulation of the video online. She wants parents and teachers to take complaints about bullying more seriously but more importantly she wants the perpetrators to stop

Thomas is also calling on the adults who witness such incidents to intervene. Despite several adults being in the vicinity when her daughter was attacked, no one stepped in to stop the violence. As is often the case, they pulled out their cellphones to record the attack

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