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Top Stories for September 16th, 2014

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Description Two men – one of them a senior citizen had to be rushed to hospital this afternoon after an accident involving a left-hand drive vehicle. The men were identified as Anthony Edward and Angus Clarke. Edward was reportedly the driver of the vehicle, while Clarke was a pedestrian who was walking up the Darling Hill at the time. The driver of the vehicle lost control and the car overturned in a drain at the side of the road near the Voice Publishing Company.Eyewitnesses say the accident occurred at about three O’ clock this afternoon. Two young men who were sitting in a parked Mazda car that was hit by the left hand drive vehicle before it overturned, escaped unhurt although the Mazda was slightly damaged.

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Description The man who was recently expelled from the opposition United Workers Party has stopped short of actually saying that he will support Economist – Doctor Claudius Preville to lead the party. The outspoken Castries Central MP – Richard Frederick addressed the issue of Doctor Preville’s intended candidacy outside parliament today.Doctor Preville has said he is considering a bid to become the next UWP leader, which means he will be challenging the incumbent – Allen Chastanet, who has been criticized as a divisive factor in the party.DBS’s Don Nicholas reports:

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Description The Dennery South MP – Edmund Estephane has been responding to Doctor Preville’s announced intention to seek the leadership of the UWP.DBS’ Jason Hullingseed reports:

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Description The Former CARICOM Ambassador to Haiti– Earl Huntley has welcomed the announcement that LIAT will commence flights to that country effective December 5, this year. Mr. Huntley believes that the move will open the way for r regional business to set up shop in Haiti. DBS’ Jason Hullingseed spoke with the Former diplomat and filed this report:

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Description The Government of Saint Lucia is demanding an explanation from the Opposition as why when it was in government, it borrowed 61 Million dollars without the approval of Parliament. DBS’ Don Nicholas spoke with both parties outside Parliament Tuesday morning as the Government called for legal action against the guilty parties.


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