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Top stories for October 20th, 2014

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A wanted man who was considered armed and dangerous was arrested by the Police last night, as he apparently attempted to flee the country. Clint Mathurin was wanted in connection with the shooting death recently of a Ciceron resident. Deputy Police Commissioner – Frances Henry has been giving details of the police operation that netted the suspect and three other men. Miss Henry spoke with DBS’s Cecile Actille who begins our news coverage tonight:

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The father of a seven year old boy is the Island’s latest road fatality. DBS’s Cecile Actille has that story:

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The Disaster Coordinator of the Saint Lucia Red Cross believes that travelling government ministers could be the means by which ebola may arrive here. Mr. Hubert Pierre says that’s a major concern for the Red Cross.

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The Saint Lucia Nurses Association has said that nurses are running scared as a result of the ebola crisis. Association President Lydia Leonce says the nurses are very uncomfortable and anxious. Miss Leonce says because they are not sure what’s happening, the nurses fear will be reflected in their response to care for any patient who is either suspected of having the disease, or has already contracted the virus.

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Representatives from several OECS countries met here today to discuss implementing Customs and border control reforms. DBS’s Alex Bousquet reports:


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